Centre of Advanced Studies in Renewable Energy (ASURE Centre)

ASURE Centre envisages to essentially cover multifaceted aspects related to alternate energy including testing, certification, training and research aspects on a broader scale and taking up projects benefitting a larger populace. ASURE centre is a specialized centre with focus on research, testing and consultancy related to renewable energy including PV modules, inverters, batteries and solar home kits.


On the broader scale, aims of the centre are listed as:

  1. To provide testing facility related to renewable energy and power system.
  2. To issue certificates and compliance report to the consignee.
  3. To create awareness session (trainings, workshop and symposium) related to renewable energy to the local industries and residential consumer.
  4. To bridge the gap between academia and industry through research, consultation and providing customized smart energy solutions.


ASURE Centre specializes in promoting the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable development practices. The center provides a range of services to the industry, including energy audit, design, consultancy, training, and testing, to help businesses and organizations transition to more sustainable energy practices. Through its services, the center is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase access to affordable and clean energy, and promote sustainable industry and innovation. Overall, the Centre of Advanced Studies in Renewable Energy is playing a critical role in advancing sustainable development practices and contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.