Following events have been held at ASURE Cenrte

  1. Construction and Installation of Centre started.
  2. Mr. Waqar and Mr. Zaman from PV Lab Pakistan visited the Centre and help us in installation.
  3. Inauguration of the Centre took place by Honorable Provincial Energy Minister - Sindh.
  4. A delegation from the M/s. Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) visited the centre
  5. A delegation from the M/s. K-Electric visited the centre.
  6. ASURE centre organized 3rd IEEEP students seminar
  7. Mr. Ahmed Ashraf joined the Lab as a Research Assistant.
  8. Mr. Atta joined the Lab as a Research Assistant.
  9. Dr. Javed Ahmed Laghari (QUEST) and Dr. Khalid Solangi (QUEST) visited the Centre.
  10. Dr. Faheem Ahmed Chahchar (IBA Sukkur University) visited the Centre.
  11. A delegation from the M/s Zonergy visited the Centre.
  12. Mr. Sajjad Nasim from the M/s Orient Energy System visited the Centre.