Energy audits can save your business up to 40% on your energy costs!

The term energy audit appears to refer to two distinct things:  An energy audit is the process of having a professional energy auditor assess your building for energy savings opportunities.  The term energy audit also is used to refer to the result of the energy assessment process, the energy audit report.  We will try to keep these terms separate by referring to the report as an “energy audit report.”

An energy audit report is a carefully thought out plan, which, if followed, will lead you to reduced energy costs.  Every building is different, and each contains different opportunities which can reduce energy usage.  This is why every different building requires its own unique energy audit.

During the energy audit, an energy auditor will visit your site and interview your facility manager, inspect your lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment, controls, refrigeration, air compressors, water consuming equipment, and anything else that is using energy.  Depending on the type of the audit, the auditor may take measurements of temperatures, pressures, light levels, power draw, and other things.

An energy audit report typically contains a description of the building’s existing energy consuming equipment, an energy balance and most importantly, a presentation of feasible energy conservation measures (ECMs).  Each of these measures are developed so that the report includes :

  • a description of the existing conditions
  • a description of the proposed ECM
  • expected annual savings associated with the ECM
  • expected cost to implement the ECM
  • simple payback and/or other financial measures, such as return on investment or life cycle savings

Some of the ECMs identified in the audit will take decades to pay for themselves, while others will start paying for themselves within months.  Once you have the audit in hand, you can make good decisions as to where to invest your energy efficiency money.


Our Energy Audit Services include:

  • Drawing Single line Diagram (SLD) of an industry or premises
  • Updating SLD
  • Electricity Audit
  • Lighting Audit
  • Thermography
  • Leakage Current Measurement
  • Earth Resistance Test
  • Efficient Energy Devices


Our System Studies Services include:

  • Performing Load Flow Analysis
  • Performing Short Circuit Study
  • Performing Arc Flash Analysis
  • Solar System Design
  • Integration of Solar System with existing Grid 
  • Integration of Wind System with existing Grid 
  • Development of Electrical Drawings for Residential
  • Development of Electrical Drawings for Commercial
  • Development of Electrical Drawings for Industries